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Art in the public sphere
Traditionally public art has had a close link to the notion of site and historically to representing power. Today contemporary art takes on a different relation to public spheres as art has become a specific medium for addressing power, demanding a right to information and participation - a way of keeping checks and balances in contemporary democracy. Being less about site contemporary art practices deal with making things public and different ways of addressing and creating public spheres.

Making things public
Public Address explores how cultural producers work with different strategies to make things publicly known. The project is composed as a discussion forum and the production of a series of posters involving a small group of artists who takes a special interest in various ways of working with public spheres both as a concept as well as on a more concrete level. These different approaches include research oriented practices, activist strategies as well as a more general interest in investigating, countering and producing new or hidden knowledge about topical issues of society and the world we live in.

The discussion forum takes the form of a five-day meeting in New York facilitating debates on the current situation of art’s role in the public sphere by generating an exchange of different artistic practices and approaches. The aim is to create a dialogue between artists working in different contexts with related issues and to link the similar concerns, challenges and situations we are faced with. The programme for the five-day meeting is planned as a series of discussions addressing questions regarding notions of public space, relevant artistic responses to current conditions and the role of art organisations. A small number of speakers have been invited to give presentations on relevant topics, which will function as inspiration for further debate.

In short:

New York meeting

24th – 28th of September 2007

Kristina Ask, Kenneth A. Balfelt, Kirsten Forkert,
Ayreen Anastas & Renée Gabri, Sharon Hayes, Ashley Hunt, Annika Lundgren, Rikke Luther, Åsa Sonjasdotter, Daniel Tucker.

Public Address is initiated by Nis Rømer, Gregory Sholette and Katarina Stenbeck under publik, a Danish organisation producing art for public spaces in Copenhagen.

CUP, Gregory Sholette
Doug Ashford
, Not An Alternative

The project is sponsored by the Danish Art Council’s Denmark-New York focus fund DaNY Arts.