Public Picnic is a series of public events exploring how to use, shape or temporary take over public spaces.

Everyone is welcome both as producer and audience. 

Organized by Nis Rømer, publik

Gardens as places  for critique, culture and selforganization

The first in a row of Public Picnics takes place in one of the finest wild nature areas on outer Nørrebro. From the plot you can see the elevated train and the high rises in Lundtoftegade. There are growing wild apples and wild raspberries and weeds high enough to disappear into.

Tikøbgade; by the red dot

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Hartmut Stockters tool for inspection and investigation of nature at the opening of Publik Picnic 3.  See more works here: www.hstockter.de

Performance by Rosa Marie Frang shouting excerpts from the news from TV, entitled "New from TV Vol. 3"
Read the text here (in Danish) (Pdf)

WEED VALUE by Lise Skou
A project about the use value of weeds, with posters signs and recipes for cooking weeds
Download poster research (Pdf format in Danish)

In my projects I have explored the possibilities for using berries and fruits from the plot to make food for the participants in the events. This mirrors strategies used by artists as a consequence of them living on the fringe of society. The project also takes up the relation between food production and the city. Anette Sletnes 2007.
See images and a summary

Snöleoparden and Henning Frimann built music on the spot with homegrown instruments and an electronic guitar from Pakistan.

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Still from In da club by Sonja Lillebæk Christensen, the film talks about mens temporary communities in clubs and unions.

Publik Picnic 2
Time: Sunday 7th October at 18:00 with food.
The films starts at 19:00

Place: Tikøbgade, Nørrebro 
Open Air film with Sonja Lillebæk Christensen, presenting:

In da club (2007) (11 min) &
Just a man (2003) (30 min)

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From a walk with biologist Nils Grøngaard

Publik Picnic 1
Time: Sunday 16th September
at 14:00

Place: Tikøbgade on Nørrebro

14:00 Opening

14:30 Weeds and insects a mini walk with biologist Nils Grøngaard

15:00 - Seed bank by Camilla Berner
-edible plants a guide w Lise Skou
- Apple pie from the plot by
Anette Sletnes + Free Apples by Nis Rømer.

18:00 BBQ, bring stuff for the grill, there will be bread and salad.

....and much more. Everyone is invited both as a producer and audience. Bring your own tools.

Among the participants are:
Joen P-Vedel, Camilla Berner, Anette Sletnes, Lise Skou, Sonja Lillebæk, Kevin Lytsen, Nis Rømer, Nils Grøngaard and Jon Paludan.

Apple pie from the plot, weed walk, seed bank, Django Reinhardt, bring your favorite tools and build yourself or together, marginal apples, public space, inter cultural gardens.

Animals and plants in Tikøbgade, a walk with Nils Grøngaard
Click here for sound and a slide show of the trip

"Django Reinhardt" Joen P-Vedel

Google 3D Warehouse Cultural Heritage
3D models by Google, TexasTrey, GG google guy, cicipopo, obi-weeee, MIX, DJ MASDR, mel, Hirumavi, Angry Kangeroo, dandis, amilagroso, RodneyBruce.
Jon Paludan, 2007

Camilla Berner; Seed bank of the Tikøbgade plot

- An Asters plantation by Kevin Lytsen

Asters are treated in a way that keeps them short like 20cm high to fit easily into a window still. If asters are planted out into the garden they will bloom again the coming year, but this time in its original version and can become 60cm and some sorts up to 150cm tall.

Nis Rømer: Free Apples: One of three boxes of apples picked from unregulated public spaces in Tikøbgade,  Krudtløbsgade and Christiania, with individual descriptions of the places and apples.
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People from the area helped clean up the garbage that had gathered over the years at the plot. After that we started planting. Here its Katrine and Jesper planting basil. The trick to make them grow is to separate the plants from each other, giving them space to grow.

Ad hoc playground. 

Jesper Åbille planted mint in tires found on the plot (they were brand new). 

Quite a lot of wood were lying around, we put it out in the open to get an overview.

After an idea by Camilla Berner, the only intervention we did to the plot was to trample a few paths to open up the plot for more uses. We made a fireplace and built benches with the help of friends and family.

The hole in the fence was fixed to make a nicer entrance in the Hillerødgade end.