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Mass and Order
As I Was Moving Ahead
Radical Ruptures
Giving Harbor
Black Box Garden
Speeches to the people
Os Dem Demos
Public Picnic

Public Address
Because you're worth it!
Interventionist Art in the Age of Enterprise Culture
Surface Tension_Copenhagen
How do you belong?
Action Gallery
Hot Summer of Urban Farming
Sid Ned!
Gåafstand / Walking distance
The expanded notion of public art


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Documentation: Eva la Cour | Henriette Heise | Frans Jacobi | Berit Nørgaard | Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen

Reform deals with reforms in society from the Vitalist and Life Reform movement and up until today. Artists have made works about the possibility for reforming our everyday and communal life. The project runs throughout 2013, a major publication is planned for spring 2014.

Reform is made in collaboration with Konsthall C in Stockholm, Sweden and Landmark in Bergen, Norway.