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Mass and Order
As I Was Moving Ahead
Radical Ruptures
Giving Harbor
Black Box Garden
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Os Dem Demos
Public Picnic

Public Address
Because you're worth it!
Interventionist Art in the Age of Enterprise Culture
Surface Tension_Copenhagen
How do you belong?
Action Gallery
Hot Summer of Urban Farming
Sid Ned!
Gåafstand / Walking distance
The expanded notion of public art


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A selection of texts by the participants can be downloaded below:

Brett Bloom 
”Radical Space for Art in a Time of Forced Privatization and Market Dominance”

Doug Ashford:
”My Loiterer: A story of an Invented Character”

Gene Ray:
”Adorno, Brecht and Debord: Three Models for Resisting the Capitalist Art System”

Angela Dimitrakaki:
”Curatorial Collectives and Feminist Politics in 21st-century Europe: An Interview with Kuratorisk Aktion”
This interview is conducted by the Leverhulme Research Network Transnational perspectives on feminism, women's art and curating and will appear in Politics in a Glass Case: Exhibiting women's and feminist art, Angela Dimitrakaki and Lara Perry eds., (forthcoming, Liverpool University Press, 2012).

T.J. Demos
”Pover ty Pornography, Humanitarianism, and Neo-liberal Globalization: Notes on Some Paradoxes in Contemporary Art”
From Stedelijk Bureau Newsletter 121 April 2011

The project is sponsored by the Danish Arts Council Committee for Visual Arts and the Danish Arts Council Committee for International Visual Arts.